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It all started when...

I was just a kid and dreamed of being a fashion designer and artist.

Creating custom jewellery has been my life for the last twenty-six years. I love the process from the beginning to end. Each piece I design and create is like a new adventure.


My passion is design. I love meeting with my customers and talking about their lifestyle, fashion style and budget so I can create a beautiful and distinct design that is just as unique as them and their life.

My design style is bold and distinctive. My sketches are translated from paper to computer for many of my designs. Every detail is placed with precision to create a truly unique piece of jewelry. My hand-crafted designs often take on a character that can change from my original idea to potential I see in the form of the metal, much like a bud of a flower ready to explode with some new and unexpected surprised of beauty and uniqueness.


Spending time with gem and diamond dealers and searching for unique stones for my designs is truly one of the most fun parts of my job. The stones I pick to go into my collection to be treasured and loved. Each one is so unique and special. When a customer chooses a stone for a design it is time to go to work and create a setting that lets that stone show all it’s brilliance. I get very attached to some to the beautiful gems I have and seeing them leave with their new owner is like seeing a child growing up, graduating and going off to live a life all their own. My visits with them, when customers bring them back for cleaning, is always a joy. I hear so many stories of the many compliments my clients get on my work. It makes me feel like a proud mama who has done an excellent job of raising her child.


I feel one of the most important things I do as a designer is to inspire people to see how truly wonderful a well-crafted piece of jewellery is. Craftsmanship comes from years of training, experience, and a great collection of tools to do the job right. I also feel very passionate about always learning something new. I have a journeyman certification as a jeweller and goldsmith through the province of BC. I have taken several specialty courses in platinum fabrication and gem setting at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. I have trained extensively in CAD design and CNC milling through GemVision. My first two years of college was in sciences and now I have returned to school again to study business.

I have backpacked through several countries and have met so many wonderful, kind and generous people from diverse cultures. People are always so happy to show you the beauty of their heritage and land. I feel so blessed to have made friends with people I have met in my journeys and to use the inspiration of my travels in my work.

I hope that I inspire people to live what they dream and to never stop learning something new. I truly believe that creativity comes from an active mind and life style and that happiness happens if we just smile at someone and listen to their story.